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This funny game takes place in a city that is under a 24 hour lockdown due to a mutated virus and it's your job to take out all of the viruses before... well... you get tired I guess.  The waves are endless.  If you have anything you'd like to see in future versions of this game, please let me know!  I own the rights to this music, so you're more than welcome to do some gameplay on YouTube without any copyright issues.  Enjoy!

This is my first game release, so if it doesn't work then please let me know so I can build it properly for the update.  Thanks!


 March 22, 2020 - Launcher wasn't able to fire while using Oculus and Vive controllers.   Fixed.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorDaydream Studios
TagsComedy, coronavirus, free, Funny, quarantine, Virtual Reality (VR), virus, weird


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Toilet Paper Panic VR beta.zip 125 MB
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My game keeps downloading to VLC player on my Dell laptop,. No idea how to stop it doing that. Due to that I cannot open the game at all.   

Odd.  Sorry that happened.  Donno what's wrong there.

Just played on PC! Loved it, especially the hilarious sound bites as you roam around the city.

Some feedback:

1. An options menu would be great, volume toggles for music and sound effects in particular.

2. Ability to switch from full screen to windowed.

Also agree with the feedback from jesseunderdog!

So well done for only taking a week, I'm very impressed! Looking forward to seeing where this game goes, and any new games you develop! Very happy that you released onto PC, I wouldn't have been able to play on VR, I'm broke haha

<3 Tam from Sydney, Australia

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Fun idea, great vibe.

If you really want feedback:

1. Looks: I really like the looks without textures, goes well with this type of game. However more variety in materials could help differentiate things a lot. Also, the way it is, the monster you have in there feels weirdly over-textured and doesn't fit in at all.

2. Environment: City is big enough but pretty much all the same. Create some nice hidden alleys, residential areas, playgrounds. Have fun with the design so that it's fun for people to roam around.

3. Design: There needs to be a continue option when you pause the game.
Some progress would be appreciated (new weapons after a while that offer new mechanics-- e.g. hand sanitizer shooting strings of gel on the ground that slows enemies down, traps of huge wipes to lurk monsters in that instakills them,...).
Bigger variety in monsters would be great.
Every single thing you shoot should do something fun--crazy animation, opens secret door, funny soundbite. It almost feels like this should be the core of the game: To start because you want to shoot monsters but you end up exploring the city and shooting everything with a toilet paper gun just to see what funny thing will happen. Even better if you get a string of small  progressive quests to find and shoot specific challenging things. That could lead you to some final monster hive you can kill in a bossfight and win the game.

4. Bugs and weird mechanics: Monsters don't do any damage and have no collision. Walking in a diagonal direction (W+A) is faster than walking in straight direction (W). Instructions say 'Wash your hands' but you can't do it in a game (probably a misplaced joke?). Collision models and their objects do not match (from the most obvious ones: you can shoot through a highway pillar, a traffic light pole, etc.).

Thank you so much for all of this!  I only spent a week from start to finish to make this game, so there's still A LOT more I can add in.  These are great suggestions.  You're awesome!

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Great job for a week's work!

hahaha is funny


Thanks!  I'm glad you liked it. :)

will this game have a non-vr version? 

Yes, I do plan to release a non-VR version due to demand.

The game is now available for Mac and PC users, without VR. :)